“What are you guys doing differently?”

We are so frequently asked that question.  And to be honest, we are not reinventing the wheel here -but perhaps​ that’s the point.  We cook rustic Greek food ​the same way our Mama did when we were growing up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and we prepare and marinate our gyros and souvlaki to taste the same as those we ate at​ home and in Greece. Our philosophy: ​do it right with high quality ingredients and make it taste good. Freshness and authenticity are of ultimate importance to us. ​

Our family, “Bay Ridginals” who have lived in the neighborhood for more than 50 years, owns and operates s​omethingreek. Our food, from the chicken and pork gyros down to the tzatziki and hummus, is made in house using quality ingredients.  We employ full-​time onsite butchers to prepare our meats, and Mama makes our dinner specials daily using her own recipes that we, her five children, have been eating for as long as we can remember.  

We strive to make somethingreek the next best thing to inviting the neighborhood to Mama’s table for dinner.  So come on over, you’re all invited.  We’ll cook.